.....You Said Love NEVER Fails



من می‌گم : دلم رو نشکن
تو می‌گی : ....


تو هیچ‌چی نمی‌گی.


You said Love is patient, it is rude, but it never fails. I haven't told you that my heart was not made out of solid rock, instead I expected you to know it is very fragile. Tell me what am I supposed to do when out of all those things you have  said about love, I am only getting the rudeness of it? Tell me what am I supposed to do, when all the time it is like I'm calling through an empty space with
.....no one answering me back? Tell me, just tell me, what am I suppose to do



تو می‌خوای تا می‌تونی دل من رو خون بکنی







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